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Our Story

Scented candle manufacturer in Staten Island, NY

Fundaroma candle company is a Staten Island based business created in memory of our dad and grandfather, Frank S. Fundaro, a Perfumer for 40 years, he created popular fragrances for household and personal care products. His dream was to develop dual purpose scented candles, those which combine functionality with powerful aromatics, using the name Fundaroma (Fundaro + Aroma).

Candle perfumerThe Calorie Burner fragrance he created uses a technology that enhances the grapefruit aroma, specifically the essence contained in the rinds. The idea to position it as an appetite suppressant was born when someone was peeling an orange at the lunch table. The scent was so overpowering that it altered the taste and appetites of those in the room. This was the spark he needed to startup his dream business. So he did his research on the affects of citrus on appetite (see studies) and began developing the product. 

Unfortunately, he passed away before he could achieve that dream but now his four children, ten grand children, their families and friends are working to make his dream a reality. Some of the fragrances he created are still part of our Calorie Burner, New York Candle Classics and Odor Eliminator Candles, which contain his patented odor eliminator fragrance technology. Thanks to all for keeping his memory alive. Because of you, his flame will burn forever.

-The Fundaro Family