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Candle Fundraising Ideas

compare to yankee candle fundraisingScented Soy Candle Fundraiser Is Simple, Fun & Profitable


Promote high-quality, unique scented candle products at your school, church, sports team, dance team, cheer leading events or any other organizational fundraising event. Our candle fundraising program is structured in a simple to do format. Our products are reasonably priced with exceptional quality.

soy candle fundraiser for schools


There is no upfront cost and no order minimum. You can print our candle brochure and order forms from our website. You can also sell online by requesting a unique candle fundraising link for your organization. Post this link on your website and/or social media pages so your customers can easily participate. You'll be able to track sales from your link anytime. 


scented soy candle fundraisers for churchScented candles are household goods that consumers want, whether for personal use or for gift giving, they have a higher earning potential than other types of fundraising products. Unlike food products, scented candles last much longer making them a more valuable alternative. Personal use and gift items in general tend to generate a higher average spend.


We are a small business helping other small businesses and non-profits raise money. Our candles are handmade by our family of candle makers, perfumers and marketers. For the Staten Island and local New Jersey area we offer free candle fundraising events. We'll come to your location and setup a table where your customers can purchase on the spot and you can earn cash on the spot. .

candle fundraiser for individualEVERYONE LOVES SCENTED CANDLES: 

We have candles for everyone- both men and women. Our New York Candle line offers the classic highly scented fragrances for the traditional candle user. Our Bible Scents line is perfect for religious consumers and church events. Our Calorie Burner line appeals to the health conscious/ aromatherapy candle user. Lastly, our Odor Eliminator line is ideal for smokers, pet owners and anyone who likes a fresh smelling home.

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